En esta canci贸n Janis Joplin toma la pesada bola de acero que usaban los prisioneros en el siglo XVII como una met谩fora de sus sentimientos. Para muchos el amor es libertad, pero para ella fue una pesada condena de la que era imposible liberarse. Si se ve desde ese punto, su muerte fue lo mejor que le pas贸 en vida.

Janis Joplin

Ball And Chain

Sitting down by my window,
whoa, whoa, looking at the rain.
whoa, down by my window, baby,
and all around me,
i said suddenly i felt the rain.
somethin' grabbed a hold of me, darling,
honey, it felt to me, honey like, yeah, a ball and chain.
oh honey, you know what i mean,
it just hurts me.
Say, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, honey, it can't be
whoa, it can't be, babe,
said no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, hey.
whoa, baby, it just can't be
every time i want to reach out my hand.
no, no, no, no, no, babe, baby, never, no, no,
never, never, no, no, no.
here you gone today, but i wanted to love you, darling,
oh, till the end of time,
yeah! all right!
Love's got a hold on me baby
feels like a ball and chain.
oh, love just draggin' me down, yeah yeah yeah,
feels like, honey sometimes it feels honey like a ball, yeah like a ball and a chain
wonder why when i did the very best i could to love you
you wanted to leave me here, honey in so much pain
come on, honey, i want you to tell me, please, yeah.
Say oh, oh, oh, oh,
honey this can't be
no, no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no yeah.
whoa, whoa, whoa
honey, this can't be just because i want to want you
does this mean i have to hide to cry, cry all the time ?
i just wanted to love you, darling,
every day, oh, whoa, till the, to the very end, to the end of time,
yeah, no no no no no, hit it!
Love's got a hold on me, baby,
feels like a ball and chain.
oh, love's holdin' on to me,
feels to me, oh like a ball and a chain
honey somethin' will grab around the knees, grab me in my heart,
feels to me like a ball and a chain now,
yeah, alright, yeah!
Say oh, oh oh oh,
honey this can't be
tell me please what am i askin' now,
it can't be babe
i know it just can't be, darling, no no.
whoa whoa whoa, whoa darling don't you feel me reachin' out
tell me, tell me, darling please
tell, tell, tell me darling please, i'm gonna need it,
i want you to hear me baby
tell me why, sometimes darling
i said sometimes i feel i got to know why
sometimes i feel, honey, honey that i need to know why
i said baby when i ask you
i could use a little help sometime
when i say, i say tell me, come on man,
tell me, tell me, babe,
honey i never understood, why when i want to work my hands out,
i want to wear my hands out, i try the very best i can, babe
why you always want to go, honey and let me down baby.
i said why i always wanna go, honey drag me around.
seems like anything, it could be the telephone company man,
it could be the man i love, i always got something else going, you know what i mean ?
over on the other side, say, not quite got it right this very minute.
i'm so sorry babe, i said i'm so very sorry babe,
but i never did promise you nothing, right ? i see what you mean.
come on, man, now come on, that ain't the name of it,
and that ain't the end of it, you know what i mean.
sometimes, it feels just about breaking things, you know what i mean.
just like, just like a grave, just like a grave to call
just like a cry to call.
honey i never understood and i said please
lord, i swear i never understood and i say please
i want you to help me, fill it up baby,
i want you to help me, i said allow me to hear
please, please, please, please, please, please, please,
honey make me understand why love just feels so heavy on me, darling,
feels so bad on my back, babe,
feels just like a ball,
feels like a ball, ball, oh daddy feels like a ball,
and a chain.

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