Anne Murray

Daydream Believeram

Daydream believeranne murraywords and music by john stewartpeaked at #12 in 1980previously a # 1 for the monkees in 1967oh, i could hide 'neath the wings of the bluebird as she *sleeps*the six o'clock alarm would never ringbut it rings and we rise, wipe the sleep out of our eyesthe shavin' razor's cold and it stingschoruscheer up, sleepy jean, oh what can it meanto a daydream believer and a homecoming queen?i once thought of you as a white knight on a steednow you know how happy we can beoh, and our good times **started thenwith a dollar one to spend**but how much baby do we really need?chorusbrief instrumental interludechorus x 2 with fade in middle of the secondtranscriber's note: * anne definitely sings *sleep* whereas the monkees sang "sings." sheet music agrees with the monkees but hers makes more sense. in that the second part of the verse is about waking up, one may infer that the first part is about being asleep. who could sleep beneath a bird's wings as it sings? the monkees also sang **start and end without dollar one to spend." i'm of two minds here: in that it likely means they were happy when they didn't have much money, without makes lots of sense. on the other hand, "with a dollar one to spend" could be seen as having only $1.01. sheet music agrees with the monkees' "without."

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