Aztecas Tupro

Movin' On

You keep moving on
without me, she said that you keep moving on
without me

I' ve got all these things inside my head
that you'll never know,
cause I don't know myself.

And when I'm gone I know that you' re waiting all by tourself
I hope your not waiting for no one else
my head's a puzzle with missing pieces
and those I have don't allways fit together.

So when I'm away know that I'm thinking of you
blowing in the wind
Just like a lonely feather.

Just in case you have gone away before I get bak
don't forget I'm coming for you
It's something I' ve got deep inside my heart.

I can't explain but I could never move on from you
I swear I'm telling the truth/ and she cried…
Cuando llegará…
Yo te digo que estoy esperando, que llegue…
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