Bowling For Soup

Captain Hook

She looks at me and my world stops
i have got to let her know, before she has to go.
and i hope she does not confront me.
cause i might never find the words i've got in mind.
And i don't know
no, i don't know what to say when i'm around you
and i, i don't know just what to do.
you must know the way i feel by the way i'm acting.
yeah you know, i'm so crazy,
i'm so crazy about you.
She tries to catch me, i won't stop
she grabs me by the hand, i knew she'd understand.
she kisses me and my heart stops, she asks me if i'll dance
and i said i'd love the chance
She tells me that i am the one that she's ben looking for
i only hope that it is true.
and if i tell her that her image never leaves my mind
will she say she loves me too?

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