Letra y Significado de BOTULISM ON THE HOOF, Frank Zappa & the Mothers

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Howard: oh, that's really great! botulism on the hoof!
dick: don't even look at it, howard, you're over the deadline
jeff: the new fascist ensemble says that you can't have anything to eat, man, 'cause you're over the deadline
howard: what's that mean?
dick: i told you to be down here at noon, man, you're five minutes late, so you can't order, listen, listen . . .
howard: you . . . told [...], man
dick: these guys ordered like ten minutes ago
howard: it's like having ronald reagan for a road manager . . . what can you make me in two minutes?
dick: the deal is that, uh . . .
howard: . . . besides sick!
dick: if you help me, uh, . . . for the airport, man, you be able to woof down some kind of scarf out there
howard: what do you mean, "woof down some kind of scarf out there"?
dick: then you can stick your fingers in your nose
howard: i'm hungry, man
dick: eat a payday candy bar
howard: listen, how about a little dry cereal? how 'bout an orange juice
dick: never happened, man
jeff: hey, get it on tape, that barber is a doofus, man

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