Harvey Danger

The Same As Being In Love

When you base your whole identity on reaction against somebody it’s the same as being in--
I tend to forget when i drink.
i’m doing it again i think
a hand to hold, an ego to flatter,
‘cause you were the wineskin, i was the bladder.
Time passes, events fall away
(i don’t think they’ll hurry). hurry up,
i’m blacking out, high on the vapor,
‘cause i was the typo, you were the liquid paper.
Talk it over, talk it, overtalk it.
the answer’s still the same:
it’s discontent, humiliation,
‘cause you were the theme and
i was the variation!
Try to take a less dramatic course of action;
this attraction-introspection-diction
predilection is breaking my heart again,
breaking my heart again.…

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