Human Fortress

Lord Of Earth & Heavens Heir

Videte aquiem milites canentes
armis et signis equo in pugnam vehent.
Gloria his qui vincent.

First son, learn to wield
The weight of thine immortal shield
Close on thy head thy helmet bright
Balance thy sword against the fight
Courage to your holy soul

Welcome those invaders guest
Lord of earth and heavens heir
Don't lay aside your warlike crest
And of nature's banquet share

Watch their infernal army, strong as fair
With silken banners spread the air
Now, if thou best that sword divine
In this days combat let it shine
I want this art... from you
Conquer your resolved heart

Though it lingers slumbers not
Vengeance is mine,
I will repay, saith the iron lord

Total confindence of what I am
Makes me the lion and the lamb
While "the lord" I am to be
Is grown from a seed that is but me
The me...........
To slowly grow, to slowly be
A god in greatness..........
From the seed that's me
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