You Are My Kind

Stay with me baby

And that's all I ask of you

And I know that someday

You won't remember

The way that this moment feels to you

Don't let it go

Don't turn your back on what you think you know

You never know you know

Don't leave it alone

Cause I need you to cling to


Cause you are my kind

You're all that I want

Here in this life

Until we are gone

Our breath and our skin

Our hearts and our minds

They're one and the same

You are my kind

Well call on me baby

If you should ever need someone

To help get your head straight

I'll be your resident all night

Sure am glad just having you around

Well all that I know

When you find love you never let it go

You never know you know

Without you I'm lost

I get scattered

I'm shattered
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