Letra y Significado de SAY HELLO, WAVE GOODBYE, Soft Cell

anonimo opina:

Puesto #1 Crónica del final de un amor que no podía ni arrancar, fue reutilizada con muchísimo sentido argumental en un conmovedor plano secuencia en la parte trasera de un Uber en la serie ?Master Of None?.

Standing in the door of the pink flamingo
crying in the rain
it was a kind of so-so love
and i'm gonna make sure it never
happens again
you and i
it had to be the
standing joke of the year
you were a sleep around
a lost and found
and not for me i fear
Well our love
I tried to make it work
you in cocktail skirt
and me in a suit
well it just wasn't me
you're used to wearing less
and now you're lifes a mess
so insecure you see
i put up with all the scenes
but this is one scene
thats going to be played my way
take your hands of me
i don't belong to you, you see
take a look at my face
for the last time
i never knew you, you never knew me
say hello, goodbye
Say hello, wave goodbye
Under the deep red light
i can see the make up
sliding down
hey little girl, you will always make up
so take off that unbecoming frown
what about me, well i'll find someone
thats not going cheap in the sales
a nice litle housewife
who'll give me a steady life
and won't keep going of the rails
Repeat chorus
Say hello then wave goodbye
say hello wave goodbye
say hello then wave goodbye
say goodbye

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