Letra y Significado de ONE MORE FOREVER, Unfinished Thought

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I stood and watched as she drove up
i kept my cool with the pain
and as you were playing with her in your bed
i was outside your door in the rain
No one heard as i walked up
put my hand on the door and then turned
and as i walked down the hall with my mind in a blur
i was loving the pain you would learn
Kicked open the door with a fury
she was the first one to go
slowly at first and then quickly you bled
as my rapture had ended the show
Peace of mind doesn't come cheap
devotion hurts most of all
now pieces of your mind are all i can see
with the pictures of me on the wall
Why are you still breathing
These are my dreams
I dare you
i dare you
I dare you to push me just a little bit further
blurring the line between my memories and dreams
see what happens when i forget i'm awake
and the hurt is so blinding addiction is all i can see
Control will lead to possession
obsession for permanent bliss
you say that i'm crazy but baby
i can't take enough pills to stop this
You're just one more forever
i couldn't put together
one more disaster
for the ever after
one more last one
seemed so short
All those times that you made me feel worthless
like i was the target
the one no one knew
and now these insecurities
will come back to kill you
By now you should know that i'm different
i have a feeling you already do
it's times like these i can breathe what i see
tell me my dear does that seem timid to you
You're just one more forever
i couldn't put together
one more disaster
for the ever after
seemed so short
You were there at the hotel
or it might have been a motel
when i awoke as the first tear fell
You didn't think
you didn't think of me

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