Letra y Significado de SONNET, Unfinished Thought

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Because you love me
i can look with quiet faith
Beyond life's lightning flash
and thunder roll
And glimpse the rainbow arch
like some angelic wraith
while impatient years exact demanding toll
Because you love me
my soul can soar with eagle wings
above my crowding failures
and disenchanting deed
Explore beyond life's sunset
where the heavenly choir sings
climb nobly to the summit
where love alone can lead
Because you love me
you may still perchance forgive
Young love's towering expectations
laid now to rest
Those unfulfilled dreams
which somehow still must live
Cloistered beneath the portals
of a matron breast
Because you love me
milestones are like jewels fair
priceless treasures
from god's sacred vault of time
I thank you for the beauty
and meaning in the life we share
And praise god for the blessing
of this love sublime

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